Best Pheromone Colognes – Should It Become Quite As Good As This..

This question about pheromone safety came to mind in the beginning within my search for a quality pheromone cologne product. I had heard a great deal about these new sexual attractants and how great these people were for breaking the ice in finding someone new. Could this be true? Is this in any way possible? What facts is all this based upon? I was thinking how great it was that they finally invented an actual love potion. But, me being a skeptic I had my research. Being that mostly all of these products were sold on the internet made me a little skeptical. After my initial investigation about whether they can be effective and are worth giving a shot.

I had to appear deeply in to the resources which were supplying these so named facts. Where they got them from and if they were just self serving for that individual colognes that they did actually represent. As 95% of the information available on the internet on Pheromones, originates from the Pheromone suppliers themselves and you know They are going to have nothing bad to say with regards to their own products, I used to be still skeptical. And So I found other sources (Science Daily, Journal of Physiology, Ehow) for my information which had been not biased towards Pheromone products. I researched the Pheromone chemicals themselves, androstenone, androstenol, androsterone, androst and androstadienone.

These Chemical replications are created in a lab. Most originate from China or Europe. Some are derived from Boar and Pig saliva. They are neuro-steroids produced from the testosterone metabolism. I discovered that every androgens, including androsterone, could cause increased blood pressure levels, increased cholesterol, increased blood sugar levels and increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Additionally, androsterone can result in acne, infertility, hair loss and shrinking in the testicles in men. This is the reason They Are Certainly Not APPROVED To Use IN COLOGNES OR COSMETICS Through The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) or perhaps the IFRA (International Fragrance Association). They could be absorbed through the blood through application on the skin.

Another question was raised within my mind. Will they be using the same chemicals for men’s colognes in terms of women’s cologne? How could that actually work? Andro and steroids in the women’s fragrances too? The majority of the internet suppliers get around these problems selling these products as they are made overseas away from the control over U.S. regulations. So until they get banned they could still sell them. There are some Pheromone fragrance providers that make their goods within the U.S. and comply with FDA and IFRA standards and derive their Pheromone scents from approved fragrances rather than using possibly damaging “Andro” based chemicals.

Pheromone colognes are equipped for men but women can wear them in they enjoy. These scents, while typically considered to be traditionally male, may be worn by females. It’s really no different in this regard then regular cologne. Some women wear men’s cologne since they just like the smell. However, although the scent may not be a problem for a few women, the responses and reactions generated from the use of pheromone colognes may not be exactly what a woman wants.

Many individuals mistakenly believe that all pheromones are the same. This couldn’t be further through the truth. Pheromones vary and individuals should purchase them bearing this in mind. Doing a bit of research to find out which pheromones will give you the desired effect, will significantly help in aiding a person discover the one right for them. For example, there are some pheromones that will cause those that come into physical contact to it, to view the wearer as masculine and dominating. These are generally often the ones used in colognes. It is because men desire to be observed in this light. When a woman would thus wear Best Pheromone Cologne for Men which generated movljh feelings, she may not have the effect she’s looking for, for example, if she needs a guy to like her. This is why although a female likes the scent of a guy’s pheromone cologne she may well not desire to purchase it. However, she might and in case she does, she can.

There are a few women who desire to exude what are traditionally considered masculine traits. If they do, then they can either purchase a pheromone cologne which contains Androstenone or a unisex product which has it. If on the contrary, they would like to attract men they may choose to opt for a pheromone perfume, particularly one that contains copulins. These are known to make women attractive to men and can be found in pheromone perfumes and even in traditional ones. Paris Hilton’s type of perfume contains pheromones, though I don’t know which.

Many bloggers have reviewed these products as both safe and effective for attracting a partner. Their reviews were honest and sincere along with their claims were these pheromone products worked adequately on their behalf. The safe and effective ones are the one I decided to make use of. I too, am now a converted skeptic of pheromones and I have been using them for over a year now. I recieve attention in social situations i never got before. It functions, and my confidence has soared for doing it. I would recommend it to all my buddies and suggest everyone try the safe ones. They even can can help a failing married couple’s love life.